Why would you need to clean the ducts in a brand-new home? Well, the HVAC system is one of the first things installed in a new home, and we have found that other contractors often turn the system on while they work. That means the duct system can collect debris from installing insulation, drywall, flooring, and more. The HVAC system can even be contaminated by attempting to cure paint faster, and we have run into issues with hardwood floor installation as well. Ducts in new homes often collect more debris during construction than they will in a lifetime of normal occupation, especially drywall dust and sawdust.

If contractors don’t seal all duct openings, the ducts will become contaminated unless preventative actions are taken right away. The combination of construction dust and floor registers makes it very likely that contaminants will make it into the ducts.

If duct openings were sealed during the whole construction process, and workers used heat or air conditioning from portable sources, your home’s duct system may be fairly clean, but in our experience we’ve seen significant amounts of construction dirt and debris hiding in the duct system. We’ve even seen floor duct openings used as a convenient “dust pan” for clean-up crews. We recommend cleaning your ducts before you move in, or soon after. Request a quote below or contact us to schedule a duct cleaning for your new home or visit us at our showroom at 1125 4th Avenue North in Billings, MT.