Traditional Comfort

Nothing can top the charm of a wood-burning fireplace. The heat, sound, and aroma of the burning logs provides a multi-sensory experience that can’t be beat by other fuel types.

Wood-burning stoves and fireplaces are a common choice for supplemental or off-the-grid heat. Even during a power failure, your family can enjoy the warmth and light of the flame.

If heat loss is a concern, worry no more. While old-style wood fireplaces tend to lose heat, modern advancements have made high-efficiency wood heat possible. Our range of wood stoves, fireplaces and inserts are made to provide clean and effective heat.

Free Standing Wood Stoves

Reliable Back-Up Heat

Free standing stoves are a great choice for home heating as they are extremely efficient and can be installed almost anywhere in your home. Wood fuel is easy to come by and very affordable, and the stove can keep your family warm during chilly nights or power outages.

Depending on the size of your home, and whether you plan to use the stove as a primary or secondary heat source, your heat output needs will vary. Feel free to contact us to discuss which stove will best meet your needs.

Zero Clearance Fireplaces

A Space-Efficient Wood Fireplace

One of the biggest barriers to installing a wood fireplace is the time & cost to install the space-hogging masonry surround.  A zero-clearance fireplace does not require a masonry surround or chimney and is far more efficient.

A zero-clearance wood fireplace can be installed completely flush with the wall (interior or exterior). A venting system will also be installed to prevent the unit from releasing combustion byproducts into your home’s air.

Wood Inserts

Wood-Burning Charm in Any Fireplace

If your current fireplace uses a different fuel type, you can make the switch by simply installing a wood-burning insert. These units can also be used to increase the efficiency of an existing wood fireplace.

Modern and traditional designs are available, so you can be certain there is a wood fireplace insert to match your current fireplace.