What Are Ductless Minisplits?

Ductless minisplits are a combination of a wall-mounted indoor unit and a compact outdoor unit, used to control the temperature in individual spaces. They are a great solution for a new addition to a house, a room that is always too hot or too cold, or simply to accommodate a family member that needs their space hotter or cooler than the rest!

We carry Mitsubishi ductless minisplits that will blend into your home design while providing efficient heat for unusual or difficult spaces.

mitsubishi ductless mini split

Perfect Solution For:

  • Hot or cold rooms
  • Rooms with poor air flow
  • Renovations and remodeling
  • Primary living areas
  • Basements, attics, and garages
  • New construction
  • Additions to existing homes


  • Energy Efficiency – Up to 18 SEER, 8.5 HSPF, and 12 EER that leads to a reduced operating cost compared to other lower efficiency systems.
  • Tax Credit and Rebate Qualification
  • Undisturbed Comfort
  • Wireless Control

Does it sound like a minisplit is right for your home? Contact us or request a quote.