Air Conditioning Installation & Repair

Around here, the weather can be extreme – both cold and hot. Montanans spend the winter cranking the heat, but when those summer heat waves hit, all we can think about is the frosty air from the colder months! Let us provide air conditioning installation with our effective, high quality air conditioners! Then you can enjoy cool temperatures inside your home or business even during the hottest days of August.

At White Heating and Air Conditioning, we strive for efficiency on all fronts. We can replace your current air conditioner with an energy efficient central air conditioning unit that will keep your family or office cool while providing excellent energy savings. Our skilled staff will ensure that you get the best possible air conditioner for your space, and then our installation crew handles the rest. Add that to our warranties, service agreementsand 24/7 service and you’ll save both time and money in the long term. Contact us today for a free estimate regarding your central air conditioning installation, replacement, or repair.

Want to increase your energy savings even further? A smart thermostat adjusts to your schedule for more efficient cooling. Read more about the thermostats we install.