Fireplaces from the Future

Treat yourself to a next-generation fireplace experience.

Costly, lengthy installation? Electric fireplaces make that a thing of the past. These units don’t require complicated venting or additional fuel lines, making installation a breeze. That includes locations where gas or wood options are impractical or impossible.

When it comes to heat efficiency, electric fireplaces are light-years ahead. Some units are nearly 100 percent efficient, and costs per hour are generally lower than gas fueled units.

How do electric fireplaces work?

In an electric fireplace, the heat and flame are generated separately.

To create warmth, the unit draws in surrounding air, heats it with an internal heating element, then blows the warmed air back into your living space. The flames you see are simply refracted light which creates a flame-like pattern.


Super Simple Installation

Wall-mounted electric fireplace units are self-contained and fully finished on the exterior. Simply hang your fireplace, plug it in, and enjoy. Sizes range from compact to panoramic.


Save Space with Style

Many wall-hanging units come with front vents that allow for recessed installation in a wall. This creates a totally sleek look and saves space in tight areas.


Traditional Look, Futuristic Heat

Our built-in electric fireplaces are designed to resemble a traditional fireplace. Many of our built-in options include extra-detailed log sets, adjustable flames, and brick-look surrounds.

Mantel Packages

Electric Fireplaces with Extra Flair

Choose a mantel package for an electric fireplace that makes a stand-out statement. Choose from a variety of modern or traditional designs in several colors and finishes.