7 Series

by Water Furnace
  • energyStar

The 7 Series geothermal heat pump combines all the best and latest technology from WaterFurnace. This model is the industry’s first variable capacity residential unit, and it scales output and airflow to just the level needed to keep your home at the proper temperature – from as low as 20% capacity to over 100% capacity! It’s up to 30% more efficient than 2-stage heat pumps, and like other WaterFurnace products, every unit is tested before it is installed in your home, and the unit features an outer diagnostic port which allows technicians to diagnose and service the unit without even opening it.

  • Variable capacity unit
  • Surpasses 41 EER (heating) and 5.3 COP (cooling)
  • Insulated cabinet for quiet operation
  • FormiShield Plus coated air coils reduce corrosion
  • ThemaShield technology protects against condensation to extend system life
  • Variable capacity compressor with soft start capabilities
  • Variable speed ECM blower motor
  • Active Dehumidification
  • Advanced hot water generation
  • Filter and filter rack options
  • Control temperatures in up to 6 zones with IntelliZone 2
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