Free Standing Stoves

by Napoleon

Filled with old-world elegance, gas stoves are a convenient and energy-efficient way to provide supplemental heating to your living space – and powerful enough to provide all the heat you will actually need. Materials like cast iron and integrated blowers ensure loads of cozy heat when the fire is lit. Napoleon Gas Stoves have large viewing areas to ensure that you won’t miss a second of the beautiful flames while they dance between the incredibly realistic hand-painted logs.

Gas Stoves can be installed just about anywhere because they don’t require a chimney for venting. Napoleon’s direct vent system allows convenient installation in virtually any room. Requiring no tending, building, or mess, they ignites with just the push of a button or flick of a switch.

One of the most compelling reasons homeowners gravitate towards gas fireplaces and heating stoves is their energy efficiency. These units deliver an optimal heating experience while ensuring reasonable fuel consumption. This results in significant energy savings and champions an eco-friendly approach.

Perhaps the most enchanting aspect of a freestanding fireplace is how it captures the essence of old-world charm. Picture the romantic aura of a classic wood stove – the crackling sounds, the dancing flames – and then imagine all that without the accompanying hassles of chopping wood or cleaning ash. It’s the best of both worlds.

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