Effective, Clean Heat

Say goodbye to inefficient heat and dirty fuels.

Pellet fireplaces and stoves rival the efficiency of gas-powered fireplaces and produce a real flame without wasting heat or dirtying the air like a wood-burning option. Plus, pellets are very inexpensive and easier to store than firewood.

They’re an environmentally friendly choice as well. Pellets are a renewable biofuel made up of compressed wood waste or other organic materials. The density and burn efficiency of wood pellets mean lower emissions compared to wood or gas.

Pellets are most frequently used in free-standing stoves. However, pellet inserts are also available, so you can enjoy the benefits in a fireplace as well.

Pellet Stoves

Economical & Reliable Home Heating

For reliable and economical zone heating, pellet stoves are an excellent choice. Pellet stoves require less frequent refueling than their wood-burning cousins, with some units boasting burn times of over a day. Fuel costs are quite low, and pellets are simpler to store than wood.

These free-standing stoves are relatively heat safe and pose a lower fire risk than fireplaces, so they’re suitable for households with children or pets.

Pellet Fireplace Inserts

Switch to Efficient, Renewable Fuel

Classic masonry fireplaces make a timeless, welcoming statement in any room. However, open wood fireplaces tend to waste heat. Convert to highly-efficient pellet fuel by installing a pellet insert in your existing fireplace.

Inserts can often be installed in gas fireplaces as well, so if you’re ready to switch your fireplace to a more renewable fuel, look no further.