FullView Insert (44)

by Mendota

Mendota’s FV44i gas insert provides a convincing wood fireplace experience without the hassle of wood fuel. Most gas inserts use a raised platform to conceal the controls, but the FV44i Fullview is placed directly on the hearth. There are also no visible louvers – another common giveaway for gas inserts.

This insert’s flame is convincing, replicating the look and feel of a wood fireplace with a realistic flame pattern and log set. Mendota’s FireLight accent lighting adds another layer of realism – it provides extra detail when lit and a gentle, heatless glow when the flame is off.

Additionally, the BTU output is highly adjustable – from the maximum 40,000 down to 15,300. Enjoy a full flame on less chilly days without burning up!

  • 40k max. BTUs
  • 600 sq. in. viewing area
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